Tour: Week 8

The volunteers will be working in their projects and attending the entrepreneurship workshops with the people from the community.

During the weekend we will set up the visit to the artisans.

Modern-day native artisans

We will visit the workshops of native artisans, get to know their techniques, and  even get to practice on traditional wood and fibers. You will see the local crops, and have a native lunch. Then, we will visit a neighboring community to meet the elders and learn about their traditional beliefs while listening to the Cacique (Chief) Hitoma talk about the Mambe, better known as coca leaf (not cocaine), which is produced under the all seeing eye of the village’s oldest one. Mambe is a powder that’s kept in the mouth, and when mixed with the saliva dissolves and combats fatigue and hunger. Hitoma Safiama instructs the visitor about the customs of his group and how they protect nature. This is followed by a lesson about their religious ideas and concepts, such as the creation of the world and the origin of la Maloka (Native house).